Oct 31, 2009

WHD 2009 exhibition

The United Nations has declared the first Monday in October as WORLD HABITAT DAY in recognition of the vast housing needs in cities around the world. Tweeprints is proud to participate in this special event in hope of raising awareness in our community.

Tweeprints would like to thank these following visiting architects/designers/artists for their generous contributions.

Jody Beck, Erik Brewer, Amy Chin, Warren Chow, Shane Clark, Kim Del Rance, Cathy Duncan, Jose Fioretto, Sonny Fornoles, Jason Green, Robert Hendrick, Brandon Hicks, Sarah Joubert, John Kidwell, Clint Larkan, David Ma, Dana Muller, Cheuk Or, Jennifer Painter, Myra Prabo, Juan Villafane, Jon Wenberg, Darryl Wise and Valeria Wolters.

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tweeprints said...

amy..where are your pictures?