Dec 9, 2009

open house

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, please stop by our new studio on Saturday, December 12th  to say hello and get a behind the scenes at the designer studios. I would love for you to meet my family and studio friends: Jon, Mina, David, Amy, Anna and Kelly.

Santaella Cigar Factory, Studio 313
1906 N. Armenia Ave.
Tampa, FL 33607


amy said...

yay! jon can help me with the kiddies! is he making his bread? [pssst... jon, (you there?) your bread would be great with the holiday coffee and homemade cookies! oh, you're going to love the coffee....perculated...did i spell that right?] see you there!

tweeprints said...

That would be have Jon and Amy, Tweeprints Creative Director to lead the children with all of the fun activities!!!!!

Nested Yellow said...

Can't wait for a strong cup in the a.m. with you!

tweeprints said...

I can't wait to share the studio with you Anna and get to have a sneak preview of your beautiful work.

Mina said...

We had a great time!! Thanks a bunch! : )

amy said...

mina, i can't wait for you to come work in the studio with us. thanks so much for coming. i loved visiting with you and billy.

ummm...anna, i have decided the perculator is off limits. no more bad perculator coffee. it will sit and look pretty from now on.! the one goal for the entire day down the tubes. oh well. it was fun anyway! i can't wait to get your quote up!